Cheerleader Outifts for Limelight etc

So…I want to make a story with an intro right…and the intro is very complicated to explain, but it requires cheerleader outfits. I was just wondering if Cheerleader outfits, basketball, football, sports, etc etc can be available for limelight. I personally believe that sports team outfits will be a great feature added. Along with this, Cheer animations, pom pom prop, basketball prop, football prop, and other ball props for sports will be great. I’m not asking for basketball backgrounds and basketball animations because I don’t think it will be possible to have an animation with a person shooting a 3 pointer lmao. But yeah, If you agree, feel free to like and we can make this possible!!!

P.S Sorry for making this long it’s because my last forum got locked because it was to “vague” :roll_eyes:


Closed as we already have requests for CLOTHING: Cheerleading Clothing for LL, ANIMATION: Cheerleading animations for LL, CLOTHING: Football Uniforms (Limelight), and CLOTHING: Sports Uniforms. Please contact @Sydney_H to discuss editing and reopening thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

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