Chemistry help -- I'll pay on paypal ! <3

So, I have a huge thesis soon and I need to solve just one task to understand more.
I’ll pay you on paypal if you want to.
So you have C2H5COOH and NaOH. You have 0,10 mol/L and 0,025L of the first acid, and 0,20mol/L and 0,0125L of the second base. What is the pH in the equivalence point? My answer was 8,885.

Let me see if I can solve this.

I don’t think I can figure it out actually, we don’t know the products of the equation and as it stands, there’s too many possible products.

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C2H5COONa = C2H5COO- + Na+

C2H5COO- + H20 = C2H5COOH + OH-

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