Chénelle's Character Creator

Hey guys! If anyone is in need of someone to create their characters, I’m the one to do it. Or even outfits, as I find this quite fun. All I would need is a rough idea of their ethnicity and/or their personality as well as any features I am required to use.

Chénelle xox


Would you be able to create 2 or 3 female LL outfits for me that could be fashionable in the future and aren’t awful by todays standards? It’s a bit to ask I know but I’d be really grateful :heart:

Hi can you create a female LL character for me? I just want her to seem more of on the spanish side of things. She has and attitude problem and trust issues. She also is a big flirt and a loyal friend.

I’ll get to it right now

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I’ll message it to you

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