Cherry Blossom Art Shop (Artists Needed!)

Welcome to the Cherry Blossom Art Shop!
All of our art is FREE. If you would like to request any art please fill in the form below!

If you are submitting a request please follow these rules:

  • Be polite and respectful!
  • No threat hopping
  • You MUST credit the artist: Artists put a lot of effort into our art, please give us credit for our work
  • Don’t rush your artist: We will aim to complete requests as soon as possible however please respect that some requests may take longer than expected.
  • We have the right to decline your request: Please respect that we may choose not to complete your request for any reason and please don’t be rude or we will not fulfill any of your future requests.

Thank You! K x

Kirsty (@Kirst19)

I make art in LL style and can do:

  • Art Scenes (up to 4 people)
  • Small and large story covers
  • Profile Pictures
  • Splashes

Currently I am the only artist so I can only take one request at a time however, I am looking for some new artists. If you are an artist that would like to be apart of my shop please let me know or fill in the following form:

Here are some examples of my art

Please fill in the following request form:

  • What type of art would you like? (Art scene, pfp etc)
  • Character details
  • Outfit Details
  • Pose reference
  • Background you would like
  • Any text?
  • Anything else to add?

Waiting List:


Not to try to ruin the business for you, but the first example looks like it was traced from and since I have followed the artist for a long time and know some of her pieces, I immediately recognized it from her page.

Tracing art is very bad practice, and it shouldn’t be done. You and someone for whom you’re willing to do the art can have problems because of that. And I get that referencing is a good practice, especially for beginners, but this example is just wrong. Especially if you don’t give credit for it and claim it as yours. Sure, you did the art, but you basically traced it. And from what I remember, the author(s) who are owners of this art made the reference poses from a few pics, and it’s unlikely you did that too.

Don’t do that to yourself and others. Trust me, no one likes people who do that, and it can be problematic in the future.


I’m very sorry I didn’t know that anyone else had done this art, I was sent a reference picture and characters from someone asking for a request and made the art for them. I apologize that someone else has made this art, I honestly didn’t know and would never intentionally copy somebody else’s work as I believe that this is wrong

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That can happen, and I understand that, but you need to be very very careful, especially if someone’s sending you references. I don’t know in what form they did that—if they used someone else’s art, if they used pictures of real people, etc.—and I’m not going to investigate, because clearly we can see that art is the same. Just keep in mind that, from people’s perspectives, we only see the product, and we don’t see the process of making it, so it’s easy to make assumptions.
(Too avoid unpleasantness in the future I can suggest adding references sheet (poses, outfits, characters that were used to do the art scene/cover.)


The piece of the girl [with the pink hair] in the guys arms, that’s also traced! There’s a story called: “Save Me” with the exact same cover!

But… the artwork that you traced from, is actually originally done by another “artist” who also traces! So basically her art is a copy of someone else’s work… making yours a copy of a copy!

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Could I join?