Cheryl's Art Requests are OPEN (Covers / Backgrounds / Splashes / Overlays)


Its lovely! Thank you so much! :grin:


@Mayagu please let me know if this is okay? I know you said to have the gun prop, however with the positions you requested, I was unable to do that.

Let me know your thoughts!



Please let me know your thoughts and if anything needs to be tweaked.



Thank you it’s pefect :hibiscus:


Let me know if this needs tweaking!



They’re PERFECT! I love them so much thank you!


No problem, I’m glad you like them!


Could you repost the second one?? It wont let me download it, thank you!!



Did this work?


Yes i got it, tysm!


Thanks again. So do you do art work. I would like to start putting art work in my story, I think it will get more reads even though I am working on Part 2 of my story


No, unfortunetly I do not do drawings. I’m a terrible drawer haha


okay thank you


Hey, I’m back again. Can I make another request? :blush:

Name: sunset16
Type of Artwork Required (Cover / Background / Splash / Overlay): Backgrounds (2)
When Do You Need It: Take your time/No rush
What is Required On It?: I haven’t seen this before, so I don’t know if you can do it.

  1. Can you do make a wrestling ring? It should include the ring, the entrance into the ring (like how wrestlers come out with entrance songs and stuff) and then an overlay with a TV somewhere at the top. So, I can make it look like an entrance video. I’ll probably need an overlay of the ropes in the ring so I can make it look like people are inside. It also needs filled audience seats, so it looks like people are watching.
  2. Can you also do an arena from the outside? If you need the name for the arena it’s “Knockout” or “Knockout!”
    If you don’t think you can do it let me know lol.
    Any Other Information: Here’s reference pictures.
Reference Images

3 zones. It doesn’t have to be nearly this many people in the audience or nearly this big. Whatever’s easiest.


As many zones as you want. It does not have to be THIS SOPHISTICATED lol! This was just the first example I saw of an arena.


(Proof: I’m on the episode where her father exchanges her for repairs to the Space Day :wink:)


@Sunset_Shimmer Sounds good, I can def do this more you :slight_smile:

Let me get started on it.


Please let me know your thoughts!


I love it! Thanks so much. :wink:


Its amazing thank you! sorry i took forever to respond! its beautiful :slight_smile: much love


hey you work is AMA-ZINGGG lol i need a background please
Name: may
Type of Artwork Required Background
When Do You Need It: no required date but probably this month
What is Required On It?: i want a circus background
Any Other Information: basically just a circus themed seating area and stage


Type of Artwork Required: Splash (To be continued…
When Do You Need It: ASAP
What is Required On It?: Just say “To Be Continued…”
background for it (