Chesirekitten's Art thread

Hi everyone,
I’m kittychesire101 and I personally love art so I decided to share my passion for art with you guys. Recently I’ve been practicing working on making covers and splashes so if you want one or more you’ve come to the right place.

Fill out this form for a splash
Number of splashes:
Any characters? Please send me the poses
Theme of splash : Romance , Murder , Drama etc
When do you want it ?
Which splash ?
Social , Turn up your music , Mature themes etc

Fill out this form for a Story cover
Large or small cover or both ?
Do you want characters ? If yes tell me what you want them to wear and send me their screen shots of how you want them to look like.
Description of story.
Theme of story.
When do you want it ?
Other important information?


No being rude
Please don’t rush me . I have errands to do and I have my life to deal with.
Please be precise with your order like that I can give you exactly what you want.
Please give me credit for my work. I would really appreciate it.
You can come here any time so feel welcomed on this thread.
Please send me your characters by screenshot and with a white background.
Please don’t request from me if you already asked someone else but if it’s legal I’ll do what you request.
You may ask for a redo if you don’t like it but please don’t give me any hate.
I’m not the best cover and splash maker but I try my best to perfect my art for you guys.
And lastly Enjoy my art
And come back again

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any examples?

Yeah I have two for now because I recently started is that ok?



Can you wait a few minutes. I have my art on another device but is there something you wanted to have.

Or that you were looking for

Sorry for the wait but here are some of my work.


Thanks @SpiralKaleidoscope for liking my pictures

HI @Epi.Pearlastion
I have sent some of my art so can view it

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Numbers of splashes:
Theme of splash:
When do you want it?:
I don’t mind.
Which splash?:
To be continued…

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