Cheyara Skadi Commissions! Now Open!

Given that I’ve been enjoying spending a little time on art every so often, I decided to open some commission slots.

If you’d like to commission a piece, then reach out via DM either here, or on my Instagram
(@ cheyara_writes58) and let me know which you’d like to order.

As standard, these images will be provided on a simple (one colour/gradient or similar) background for free, however, if you’d like a more detailed background, we can discuss this (further charges may apply, depending on the degree of complexity.)


Portrait - £5 (GBP) - additional person +£3
Bust - £8 (GBP) - additional person +£5
Half Body - £12 (GBP) - additional person +£8
Knees - £16 (GBP) - additional person +£10

Additional costs:
Drawn Backgrounds - +£2-£5
Tattoos +£2> (depending on complexity and number)
Detailed Clothing +£2
Detailed Jewellery (Tiara’s/Crowns/Jewelled Necklaces etc) +£2-£5
Pets - Fees to be discussed at time of inquiry, depending on breed and amount of body.

Payment is preferred at time of order, however, I will accept it upon approval of sketch if preferred for peace of mind. Once sketch is approved, no refunds are given.

Please note, I do not currently accept full-body pieces or pieces of more than four people.

Commissions will be completed ASAP, but my writing commitments do come first, so patience is key, please allow a minimum of 1-2 weeks for completion (depending on your request).
I will keep you updated once your order has been accepted.

I reserve the right to decline any requests without explanation.
Politeness is a requirement, I do not accept messages that are rude/demanding etc.



They look amazing. dont need any headshot though.

Thanks, :blush:

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Bummmmmppppage :blush: