🌷 CHIBI ART SHOP 🌷 (temporarily closed)

:tulip: CHIBI ART SHOP :tulip:

A continuation of ⭐️ CHIBI ART SHOP ⭐️ (closed temporarily)

As a token of my gratitude, this art shop will be open up until Episode Forums is expected to close (June 28th). Feel free to request until that date. Although I know I will take a long time to complete all the requests, this is something I want to do as a big thank you to the Episode community for all the friendships, resources, and memories it has given me.

Read before requesting
  1. I only do character chibis here.

  2. I’m a slower artist so each request takes about a month.

  3. You can request as many chibis as you’d like, but the more chibis, the longer the waiting time.

  4. You must credit me whenever you use my art work: “Credits to @amphia.epi on Instagram for the art”

  5. If I liked your request response here, that means I have accepted the request.

  6. By giving your request publicly in this thread, you also give me permission to use your request as one of my art examples wherever I please. I’ll put a water mark over it so that it is not stolen. If you do not want your art piece posted on this thread, message me privately your request, and I’ll like it there to let you know it was well-received.

  7. You must follow me on Instagram @amphia.epi (if you have an instagram).

  8. :bangbang: IMPORTANT :bangbang: Since Episode Forums is closing, please include your Instagram or Discord username so I can contact you later in case the forums close before I finish your request.

  9. In your request, say “I read.”


Request form

Character details (preferably a photo/screenshot)
Head shot or full body?
Facial expression and/or pose
Reference image (optional)
Outfit (optional)
Accessories (optional): hat, glasses, jewelry, hair clips, etc?
Anything else?

:paintbrush: I send all requests here with watermarks and privately message your art without watermarks. :paintbrush:

thank you :blob_hearts:

Waiting list:

  • ColeCatalyst
  • Uwastasia
  • shiv.episode
  • alleniar
  • toritheauthorxx

Those who wanted to be tagged when the shop opens:
@shiv.episode @Uwastasia


Yayaya! Welcome Back :blob_hearts: thanks for the tag and here is my request!


I read! - My ig is @shiv.episodee & discord is fiji.princess
Mine is 3 characters but I don’t mind the wait at all!
There outfits & accessories are provided!

Azula - Hybrid Witch/Werewolf

Roman - Vampire Prince

Stefan - Werewolf

^ the pose - Instead of the phone case can you make a magical orb? - Roman will be on the left side & Stefan will be on the right.

Character details (preferably a photo/screenshot) ^^
Head shot or full body? full body if you can
Facial expression and/or pose (ref pic)
Reference image (optional)
Outfit (optional) (pics included)
Accessories (optional): hat, glasses, jewelry, hair clips, etc? (pics included)
Anything else? -(If you can’t make this request/pose let me know I can change it :blob_hearts:

  • Thank you so much :chef: :blob_hearts:
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Ig: @lavinaa.writes request

Hi tysm for this opportunity! I would looove two characters done and don’t mind the wait <3
I read! - ig is @lavinaa.writes & discord is alleniar

Character details (preferably a photo/screenshot)

Head shot or full body?
I’d love a full body pose!
Reference image (optional)
Can I have the guy be the one on top and the girl be the one at the bottom?
Outfit (optional)
A school uniform like this!

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bump! @Kiara.episode21 I’m open now!

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Thank you for tagging me!

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Request for @epii.mell done!

Thanks for waiting everyone <3
I’ll be posting all the art I’ve made on my Instagram @amphia.epi soon!


bump :two_hearts:

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