ChicBear's Story Review Thread 🎀 [CLOSE TILL CATCH UP]

Hey you amazing people!

Just published a story and want it to be reviewed and criticised? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ll be reading the first episode of your story and give a brutally honest review!

I’ll be criticising your story with these points:

  • Story Cover & Description (10)
  • Plot (10)
  • Characters (5)
  • Length (5)
  • Grammar (10)
  • What I think about the Story (10)

Total: 50

Stories That Need To Be Read



A Prince’s Curse
Gold Leaf High
The Red Curtain
You Are My Sun Shine

Added To My Favourites

Gold Leaf High

Have a good day,


Hey girl I would love a review. My story is called “Necromancers”

heres the link btw

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tysm! I hope you enjoy it!

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Reading it now.

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I would love to have a review message me private about it, If you encounter any layering problem please let me know as well as glitches lol

Title: A Prince’s Curse
By: lanafrazer_episode
Instagram: lanafrazer.episode
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3
Style: Limelight
Description: Cursed for eternity, shocked by his betrothed, he will not stop until he finds a solution to end his curse. What will become of his betrothed? Will he find a cure or love?

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I can never get enough reviews so here is my story :laughing:

(I know my description is not good tho :joy:)


Don’t hold back ;D

(I’d love if you could review 2 and 3, but that’s your decision :D)

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Review Completed for @Madhu

Story Cover & Description: The cover was amazing. Loved it! And the description was good. (10)

Plot: The plot was really interesting. It’s different from most of the other fantasy stories. (10)

Characters: The characters were creative. Love the names and their personalities. I especially liked when Zeke called Eve ‘sugar puff’ and she got annoyed. It’s like any other sibling. (5)

Length: The length was good. I imagined it to be longer, though… (4)

Grammar: Couldn’t find any mistakes. (10)

What I think about the Story: It’s really interesting and would attract readers. I think a bit more about their past should be added in the first episode. Overall, it’s a unique story. (9)

Total: 48/50


tysm hun! glad you enjoyed it! and I hope you would continue and well the length is average so it depends on how fast the reader can read the lines. dont worry about the past hun it will be in upcoming episode just dont want to dump much info on you guys and well i thought it would be good to understand the characters.
overall i am so so happy that you enjoyed!

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Hi i would like a review.
My story called you are my sunshine (limelight)


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Review Completed for @MTB

Story Cover & Description: I like the cover a lot. The description is good, but can be improved. (8)

Plot: The plot is good. I couldn’t figure out the main objective of the story. (9)

Characters: According to me, there were lots of characters. It was confusing and also hard to remember them and their names. The characters have different and interesting personalities. I definitely ship Joon & Precious and Beverly & Will. (4)

Length: The first episode had a reasonable length. (5)

Grammar: Didn’t find any mistakes, but a few commas were missing. (9)

What I think about the Story: Adding your story to my favourites. I did find a mistake at the end of the first episode. Precious was a lot taller and bigger than Mira. Need to fix that. (10)

Total: 45/50

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Thank you for the review!
I know having so many main characters can get confusing but I couldn’t help myself :laughing:
And I just want to add that Mira is supposed to be smaller than everyone else.

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Oh, okay. I read the second episode and she was shorter than Beverly and Precious.

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Review Completed for @Grottino

Story Cover & Description: The story cover and description is okay. Can be improved, though… (7)

Plot: It’s different and interesting. It’s my first time reading a book a bit related to lyrical opera. (9)

Characters: I LOVED Beepe and his family! They are really supportive and his parents don’t judge him based on his sexuality. I didn’t like the MC’s parents, though… (9.5)

Length: The first episode was a bit short… You could add a bit more. (6)

Grammar: Didn’t find mistakes in spellings, but commas were missing. (9)

What I think about the Story: It is a rare story. There are only a few stories with music as their kinda main objective. You could try fixing the things I mentioned above. (9)

Total: 49.5/50


Story Title: RECKLESS
Genre: Romance


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Review Completed for @Faith.episode.cats

Story Cover & Description: The cover is cute but the description can be improved. It has a few grammatical mistakes. (8)

Plot: The plot is… quite common. It’s a typical hate-to-love high school story. That makes it a bit common… (5)

Characters: I’ve seen characters with mental problems and such in lots of stories. I think the characters should be a bit nicer. Everyone is rude and arrogant. But, I love Samantha, she’s a total weirdo! :star_struck: (2)

Length: It was long and I like it. For me, it’s an enjoyable length. (4)

Grammar: I saw many mistakes. Spellings were fine, but punctuations weren’t correct and the words weren’t in correct order. You could get someone to proofread your story. (3)

What I think about the Story: I’ve seen stories like these, before. Maybe, add a few plot twists…? And, please don’t get offended, it’s just my opinion. (6)

Total: 28/50

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Gonna read it tomorrow!

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Hey !
I would love to have a review from you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My story is « Heal My Soul », I hope you’ll enjoy it :smile:
Here is the link :kissing_heart:

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Thank you not offended at all appreciate the constructive centrism.

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