Child Hood Memories 2000s

Memories during yr childhoods?

Me: I was 12 watching a video with my family, seeing this white car riding on the road, the camera zooming out while the music the playing and all of a sudden a terrible scream just came on with someone looking like a zombie shouting. Everyone jumped. XDDDD


I gave my grandpa a cookie with eggs and then when I found out what I did, I thought about running away because he could of eaten it :joy: I didn’t think at all, he asked for some, so I handed it over to him :flushed: :no_good_woman:

Another memory: I was a hardcore winx fan, so I watched it a lot, it was my childhood show growing up :laughing: Basically, I had a really crazy imagination overall, I thought way too much and I still think way too much.


My older siblings and mom were out of the house, so Dad rented a Justice League cartoon for the rest of us to watch. It was actually the first three episodes from the animated series, and after watching Martian Manhunter get tentacles shoved under his skin, Dad was like “…so we’re never renting that again.” we actually did watch the rest of the series much much later when we were all properly desensitized to cartoon body horror lol


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