Children backgrounds needed

I dont really have a specific background in mind, but I need a background where kids can hang out like to get ice cream, play, really anything will work

And I need some kid characters , BOTH genders are appriciated

Drop your credits too


so I need some kids characters, (the character does not have to be ment to be a child, i can make them shorter.

And a place where kids can hang out, I don’t have anything specific in mind I just need something where kids can be at.

Heres some characters!

Girl 1 (Rosy)

Female Generic Body (Rose 02)
Arched Short (Black Dark)
Lob Bangs Blunt (Black Dark)
Hooded Slender Almond (Brown Black)
Square Youthful
Grecian Angular
Medium Heart Natural (Pink Beige Matte)

Girl 2 (Gina)

Female Generic Body (Neutral 07)
Round Thick (blackJet)
Curly Double Afro Puffs (Brown Black)
Round Downturned Wide (Brown Deep)
Square Youthful
Round Button Wide
Full Heart Pouty (Neutral Deep Matte)

Girl 3 (Fern)

Female Generic Body (Neutral 01)
Arched Natural (Ginger Red)
High Spiral Pigtail Hair (Ginger Red)
Deepset Downturned Wide (Hazel Dark)
Heart Defined
Grecian Soft
Small Heart (Beige Rose)

Boy 1 (Harper)

Male Slim Body (Rose 03)
Round Thin (Light Brown)
Short Pixie (Chestnut Brown)
Delicate Almond (Brown Dark)
Square Youthful
Straight Flat
Medium Straight Natural (Pink Peach Medium Matte)

Boy 2 (Victor)

Male Slim Body (Copper 03)
Round Soft (Deep Brown)
Straight Bang Fluffy Hair (Black Dark)
Monolid Slender (Grey Cool)
Square Youthful
Button Round
Full Neutral Heart (Rose Light Nude Matte)

Thank you Love :slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

Hazel - girl #1

Ethan - boy #1

Male slim body in Neutral 3
Straight angled in chestnut brown
Crew cut in dirty blonde
Deepset Downturned lidded in blue deep
Square youth
Straight narrow
Medium Heart in Rose light Nude Gloss

Emma - girl #2

Female plus body in gold 1
Arched thin in Black Jet
Long half up ponytail hair in Blonde medium
Monolid defined in Green emerald
Square youth
Grecian soft
Heart shaped pout braces in Fair Rose matte

Destiny - girl #3

Female soft body in Rose 10
Arched thick styled in black dark
Voluminous curls in black dark
Female Generic in Hazel
Round Downturned
Full flat top pouty in plum gloss

Kratos - boy #2

Male slim body in Neutral 6
Arched soft in black Jet
Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled in ginger red
Deepset Downturned in brown black
Square jaw
Straight narrow
Full Heart natural in brown neutral

Credit Instagram @ryder_epii

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dooos this work?

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Yes yes yesss!!! Thank you so much.

how do you want credit?

how do I credit you?


insta- cc_pusey <3