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Hello, so I have seen a couple of things based on this subject. But I really think it would be great for continuing stories. I would love to add children to my stories, like toddlers, kids/pre-teens. Mostly, there are babies as overlays, but it would be cool to have children included. I personally find it very difficult to try to resize female characters to become children, and there are only limited clothing choices that you can use, to hide the definition of the female body in the characters. I love the progress of new body types. Like the plus-sized females. But I would love to see children come into the picture as well. Along with that, Maybe outfits and accessories that are suitable for children to wear, face types, and kids hairstyles. This is one feature I would love to see and would support. And also since its Halloween coming up soon, seeing children generally trick or treating, rather than just adults would make it fun for more Halloween or family-based stories.

Thank You.


You put the title wrong and this is probably a duplicate thread

yes i totally agree!

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Oh ok, sorry, this is my first time ever on forums. But Thanks!

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