Chilli's Splash and Cover Shop

I only do EDITED covers and splashes!
I will be happy to do some splashes and covers for you! All you have to do is fill out the form, follow me on IG (@esthetixe) and credit me in your story.

I will decline your request if:

  1. It is too hard for me to do
  2. I see you being rude to other people
  3. You thread hop

Story Title:
Author name:
What you want the text to say (for splashes):

If you want me to use screenshots please provide them, and make sure that they’re clear!

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Any examples?

Hi, do you think you can make me a cover?
I followed you on Instagram but could not find your episode account. My username is on both.
I would like to request a cover.
Story Title: Playing Pregnant
Genre: Romanyic comedy (mostly comedy)
Author name:
These are the characters I need. I would like the girl to have Beach Wave Hair.

These are also the poses I need.

I would like the guy with the beard to match the guy on the right. Thank you so much, please let me know if it’s possible for you to do

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I’ve posted some before on the forums, but I can’t find any right now, sorry!

Story Title: PLAYBOY
Genre: Romance
Skin: Neutral 03
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded
Eye Color: Blue Green
Nose: Straight Pointed
Face: Square Defined
Lips: Medium Heart
Lip Color: Rose Light Nude Matte
Brows: Furrowed Raised S
Brow Color: Dark Brown
Hair: Messy Undercut
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Skin: Gold 02
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Grey Cool
Nose: Defined Natural
Face: Heart Soft
Lips: Small Heart
Lip Color: Pink Beige Gloss
Brows: High Arch Angled
Brow Color: Chestnut Brown
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout
Hair Color: Medium Brown

Clover: Emblem Sweater Vest Tie Collar Wool Blue Navy and Freckles Heavy (04-07)

Derek: Emblem Sweater Vest Tie Collar Wool Blue Navy and Beauty Mark Mole Upper Lip L Brown

Author name: Crystal.G
What you want the text to say (for splashes): PLAYBOY

Instagram: gloria_prosper

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Let me know if you need outfit descriptions and descriptions of their features. Thanks ! :blush:

hi ! do you have any examples for your splashes ??

HELLO So… I would like to request art scene for my story

• Horror
•INK or LL: LL
•Title: Ouija Board
•Author: Eliza.H

•Character details:

Skin: Cooper 00
Face:Heart Soft
Lips:Small heart
Lipstick:Pink Beige Matte
Nose:Defined Natural
Eyes:Deepset Upturned Wide
Eyecolor:Emerald Green
Brows:Round Thin High
Brow color:Deep Brown
Hair:Long Wavy Blowout
Hair Color:Dark Brown

•Character clothing:

  • In Shirt Cotton Blue Oxford Multiple Strap Open
  • Toed High Heels Leather Blue Poses





  • Black

My insta is Epi.Barbie

Hey I don’t want to rush you but I just wanted to know if started on my request

Not yet :sparkling_heart:

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Request Denied
I stated in the rules not to thread hop, yet that’s exactly what you did (I looked into your previous comments).

Story Title: The Hype
Genre: Coming of Age, (Comedy, Romance, Drama) [just make the character happy]
Description: After C. finds out that her path to fame could be easy, she decides to take advantage of it. By becoming the one and only. By becoming the hype.
Author’s name: coltonilio
This below is the main character

here is what you asked.

story title: SOULMATES
Genre: romance, suspence
Author name: Ammy_Twinkle

I need it as a cover photo for my story
also I’ll love to make it a part of starting of my every episode.

I want something like that, clothing is uptown you

or It can be 2 people under umbrella or something a little romantic other than a kiss.

or a girl hugging with a boy

is this shop still open or no