CHOCIE error! pls help

could someone help with this choice
i don’t know what’s wrong

your first choice does not need an open bracket at the very start

you forgot to add the word ‘choice’ to the start of the option. also remove the } from the beginning

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‘}’ this

and that too ! :sweat_smile:

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this is the first part
the pic before is the second option of my choice

Needs a speechbubble just before, like this;

Bla bla
“Option 1”{



did you close the choice bracket after your second choice. ‘}’ ?

yha I closed it
it’s still giving me the error

Thats strange, because the error says that there is not a matching bracket to close the choice, have you checked if it is the right style of brackets? so not this classic bracket ) but the curly one }

in your script you’re using @CHARACTER (ANIMATION)
It should be @FRANK is (animation)

and when you’re inserting a dialogue it should be

@speechubble is _________________
FRANK (talk_agree_happy)

similarly for the rest of the characters

FRANK (talk_excited_happy)
Yep I can’t wait to get to the house. . .
Meet new friends, start school, find cool new places
Maybe y’all be friends
#######(remember that speaking animation like talk_excited_happy are fairly short, so the rest of the dialogues will appear as the character not moving their mouth)####

BELLA (talk_agree_happy)
Yha! Can’t wait to meet them.

} “Yha . . . (ambiguity share your mixed emotions)” {
readerMessage you made Frank feel guilty

BELLA (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Yha. .

@FRANK is idle_awkward_uneasy_loop

BELLA (talk_unsure)


YES! thank you guys for all your help! :grinning:
it finally worked! :sweat_smile:

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