Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


Welcome to Choco’s Show! I’m your crazy loveable host…CHOCO!

This idea was brought to light by my good friend and grandchild @Kaycee_Rose! Now let’s get this started! It’s simple! Here all the tea can be spilt! From failing forum marriages to heated arguments I’m here to keep it all here. This is the place where tea shall and will be spilt! And I hope to see y’all tuned in for some great tea and screaming cookies

screaming cookies freshly made from my bakery: Chocolate Mama’s Bakery& Rap Snacks 😏

So let’s start this! I have some hot tea people wanting to adopt basically the whole forums! What do y’all think of the sudden burst for children snatching?!

  • Doesn’t make sense
  • Eh who knows it’s all fun
  • Yassssssss
  • Child where?!

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Next my dear @Kaycee_Rose just got engaged with @1Jaxon and she already gave me him to bake! (check out my bakery!
Now Brooke please SPILL.THAT.TEA! :tea:

Anyone and everyone can come in to spill their own tea whether on the forums or real life its a open space that I’m happy to let people talk. To keep things nice and clear the first person that says:” I got tea to spill :tea:” talks first then so on and so forth so no one gets ignored or we get any missing tea. We all need steps even in tea making :grin:
Enjoy the tea :wink:

Fine print

Alrighty here I’m not really trying to cause heated drama this is for fun and just because the forums is crazy on its own. Just think of it as an informative thingie yeah? Alrighty have fun!


I can’t breathe :joy:


Well you better start honey because you’re on

Choco’s Tea Spilling Show!


It’s not even that much tea :expressionless:

So basicly I was in a gc with him where we were planning a wedding, he had to go talk to his parents but he was afraid he would fall down the stairs cause he is very clumsy! I told him to be a brave soul and go down stairs! But he kept stalling so that he didn’t have to go downstairs! I told him that I would call off the wedding of he didn’t go downstairs. 5 hours later he went down stairs :roll_eyes: so to teach him a lesson I let you bake him

My Childern


Do u guys have any tea to spill about the family?


Girl do I have some tea thats heating up. :coffee:+ :fire:


So, I wanted to share my backgrounds, right, A girl comes says it’s not mine, we get it straight says it is mine. So the honey boo boo what’s to call me out about how I use to get overlays from others but I was new And other big person from episode gets involved


Zamn! All because of the stairs well let me just say…



Oh hot damn! So you’re being accused of stealing someone’s art work?!
Wait so what I’m hearing is you’re getting jumped with other artists because one called you out?!


@PurpleRose please join us!


When ur pouty you have no tea to spill :unamused:


Don’t worry son of mine I’m sure you’ll find some soon! like how you threatened to bake me :blush:


You have a problem with that Mother


Let me tell you THE FACTS

  1. She saw my post when I was new put it where I shared my background.
  2. she called me out because I used to use others artist overlays I WAS NEW, I didn’t know the rules




Hmmmmmmm I see whatcha mean now but you don’t do that now right? Like use others overlays?


NO, I don’t, I make mine own backgrounds now


Well then girl I see your anger if you don’t do it now and admitted you use to because you were new then all’s good in the hood! And it’s even more messed up that you were just jumped by other artists blaming you. Now this is some messed up tea :expressionless:


Girl you get me, you like a homegirl from my hood


Of course girl I mean all the facts and what you’re saying lines up it’s not like you were doing stuff on purpose!


Exactly, I like you I’mma be coming more often