Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


Kill me now :expressionless:


Mhmmmmm okie then!


:rofl: I’m laughing too hard!


Maybe just so you know that day must be this week :blush:


So am I :joy::joy:

IT WAS HIS FUCKING MOM :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m blind


That fine with me


Yes your a reasonable person


Actually that happened to me once and it turned out to be his mom and I was like well shit


Lmfao :joy:

Ow as over here looking like a fucking tomato cause I was pissed and it was his mom :expressionless:


:rofl: I bet he must’ve been sooooo confused


He was very confused :expressionless::joy:


That poor boy :rofl: I have to say he’s a great topic for tea you and him.


I HAve a big cup of TEA




Let’s here it!


Omg I can already tell you know that all of my posted on this topic are gonna be about him :joy:

I should post that huge essay that I posted in that chat :hushed:


You guys did something really embarrassing and didn’t tell me now that’s tea. What is it?




Ooffffff spill!


You did something embarrassing what is it, let’s share our embarrassing moment