Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵



This is why I just need to go die in my hole :expressionless:


Shush girl! We all make mistakes just learn from them!


You can die after the tea party :point_left::point_left:


I guess so



Hahahaha amen :pray:


I’ll go in the hole with you!


I gotta say I’m loving this tea


I love this show!

Spilling tea is an art!





It takes years of practice mama


I mean I was already in the dying hole but I’ll dig it deeper for you


Of course I’ve heard so much tea in my lifetime


I LIVE THIS SHOW. So much :heart:


Awwwwwww thanks! This show couldn’t happen without y’all tea!


More like @Kaycee_Rose’s tea!


Bahahahaha :rofl:


Don’t worry Childern I will bring some tea for you guys tommorow :joy:


Same I have school and that always gives me good tea.


Yassssss :clap::clap::clap:


Welp imma go to sleep now and I’ll be back early morning to start on another fresh day of tea spilling! Good morning or good night wherever! And have a nice time brewing tea bye!