Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


Goodnight SLEEP well


lmao the tea master


I’m steady watching this thread and I’m like wow.
Why wasn’t I invited?


Cause you know I have tea that I want to spill myself.


Welp I was sleep but here’s the thing sista I’m back since you’re a great friend k?
Now please friend of mine…SPILL DA TEA!:coffee:

Also helloooooooo another daily poll!!!

Human baking how’s that to you?

  • Oh heck no!
  • Yasssssss baby brownies!
  • …that’s kinda bad

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Lmao I will :wink:




Do you have tea or want to spill tea? :smirk:


I wish

I just need some tea to sip


Same honestly I love good Tea Spilling…WAIT I HAVE SOME!


Tell me :joy:


Okay sit down and enjoy the tea.

Okay so I mayyyy have a crush on this dude at school and I’m wearing this black dress today and he was getting ready to make some fries and I smiled at him and nodded to his shirt and said:” I love your shirt” because I doooooo like it’s my favorite on him :sweat_smile: so then I’m about to walk off and he smiles and says:” thanks I like your dress it’s spicy.” Then did this hand motion then I laughed and stood on my heels then smirked. Then I was like:” thank you!” And he was like:” of course I mean you are a spicy girl as well.” And like for real…I felt my whole face flush up and I was like dbdisvakwbdjdbdskabs then I was like:” hahahah thanks!” Then I rushed off and almost tripped.



Yasssssssss omg yasssssss

Eeeeeek :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Omigod yesssss

I don’t even have words


Vskdgskwvskss ikr! I almost did a back flip I was so flipping just rkdvsksbsdksbskabshd


But he claims to be asexual because of his ex but idkkkkkk he’s been acting interesting with me!!! Also he’s always like poking me and once he bought me chips andddddddd gave me something else!


Yassss :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I can’t even


Same! I was literally at a lost for words so I ran into the fridge and almost fell




:heart_eyes::heart::joy: Yeah butttttt idk yet


Soemthing is gonna happen I can see it :eyes:


Bdidgsiwhw s idek! And he’s my neighbor and a few years ago a old friend of mine tried to hook me up with him but I couldn’t talk to him on the phone because I wasn’t allowed to and he said I sounded sweet and we never talked too much about it all but skdbsksbsksxb