Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


This thread is amazing and I’m loving the tea


Awwwww thanks! :joy: I love spilling and drinking tea


Omg girl more tea please. And put some spice in it


:rofl: idk if I have more tea?


Oh mother! You’re still online I have a flower for you


I have some tea!


I’m getting ready to sleep soon :joy:


Ahhhhhh yessss girl spill!!


Okay… We’ll give it to you now


:eyes: :tea:


Welcome enjoy the hot tea


Idk what’s happening but I heard tea so :joy: :tea:


Ok so my bff (one of them) started hanging out with this girl in our grade that’s (I hate to swear) but she is kinda a btch yo everyone. So she doesnt even talk to me or her bff! And they have started bullying little kids… they one time took a kids’ backpack and threw in the lunchroom trash! And she didn’t go on her anniversary with her boyfriend so she could FaceTime this girl! So he broke up with her.


Me :rofl:


Heck yeah! Who doesn’t love good tea.


Okay this girl honestly sounds like a hot mess honestly :roll_eyes: especially with the bullying of little kids like for real that’s so messed up but she can do her.


I have some tea. That I’m going to get ready to text. Lol


Yasssssss spill it honey!


:eyes: :tea:


Spill it hun