Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


Damn ladies she’s still typing I can’t wait for this tea


STILL TYPING? Jeeze that mean good tea


So, It all started on the first day of high school. Which was my last year. :joy: At the beginning of the day was nice and chill. Everyone was happy some were bored and sad. So you know how people get when lunch time hits. My school has food trucks that sell almost everything. When I was back at my home school. In the same school. I was getting my lunch as a normal person. This was like in August. Me and Adrian were friends and stuff. So many people were ordering their lunch from different trucks and I went to this truck that was parked somewhere else and got my lunch. House of Mac. So then I walked back to school and sat down outside on the patio with A. We sat down and at that point I didn’t know what Airdrop was And people started air dropping me everyone Nudes, Porny pics, Scary stuff, and embarrassing pictures of people. at the end my other friend Veronica had enough and had put her same as unknown for ”Airdrop” and I sat next to her. She started to air drop the whole cafeteria and patio MOMO you heard mostly everyone screaming and some people were scared. But then I blocked my air drop so it came up on Adrian’s phone and I saw it. He ignored it and mostly everyone declined it. So at the end of the day my friend Veronica got suspended for two weeks and she’s gotten bullied for posting the MOMO I always tell the truth so when it was after lunch. Someone called me to the Main office and I hadn’t to tell the truth who did it. Because I didn’t want anything to do with it. Since someone said I did it. When I didn’t even have my phone on me. So then I told the people in the office who did it because I was blamed for something I didn’t do and Veronica started to block me on everything when everyone knew that “I” ratted her out. So then now everyone is chill and are still air dropping people. Now Veronica really hates my guts but still talks to Adrian. Adrian isn’t a fan of her he just talks to her because she has zero friends but when she talks bad about me he always cuts her off. Ahem. So that’s what happened. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Watch it be like two words


This tea will probably hold me over for months?!




:sweat_smile: I guess y’all waited for it lol








ZAMN! That’s all so frickin crazy! Honestly I couldn’t deal with that chick I mean it’s really not your fault anyways :roll_eyes:. Now thank you honey for that nice pot of tea! Zamn that’s all so crazy, and yeah air dropping is so frickin crazy and fun :joy: I did that at an assembly once with all these kids and it was hilarious.


Main reason why I don’t Airdrop


Lol. It’s funny sometimes because people air drop memes.


Omg last year we all were airdropping each other weird memes


Guys I have more tea


It’s long


Do y’all wanna hear it


Go for it!


I gotta go to bed so I’ll hear it tommorow