Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


:joy: ikr I was doing that so much this dude was flipping out and me and my bestie was just laughing




So this guy in my grade last year had a secret relationship with one of my close friends. Now I never really have figured it out but I am super positive they never ever talked or did anything together.
So we sat be each other in a lot of my classes. Now we had like one person we sat by. It was like this(o = desk

oo. oo
oo. oo
oo. oo

So I sat by him in like 4 of my classes. He started to talk to me a lot and slightly kinda “flirt” and I started to like him too. I told my other friend about this. Then he started to like (this sounds like so elementary school and cheesy but idc) put him foot right by mine and he would take my stuff. And then I took his stuff and he would grab at my hand and just find ways for us to touch.

Then we were taking a field trip on a bus. On the bus I told him that I had a crush on him. Then after that he WOULDNT EVEN LOOK AT ME. I tried talking to him and wouldn’t even talk to me! I still don’t know why this happened but I have a theory.

He didn’t want his “girlfriend” to know about what was happening between us.

Which doesn’t make scence because they NEVER TALKED.

So that was last year and now he is doing the same touching stuff this year but I don’t like him because of what he did.

It wasn’t very good tea but who cares




Nahhhh girl all tea is good tea!

But Zamn! He really sounds like confusing what he’s doing I’m happy you don’t like him because trust me you can do wayyy better then a guy like that trust me. No one wants a guy where all he does is just play around.


Okie y’all imma go to sleep hope I can spill more tea with y’all later!




Ooh, spilling tea? :tea:


He k yeah a lot was spilled today


Damn I wish I had some tea to spill :tea:


Remember anything is good tea.


What should I spill?


Any tea you got honey :smirk:



There’s a guy, I won’t say who, that I think I might like, but… We’re very quiet around each other. I’m nice to him, we don’t talk much. I’m scared that I won’t be the “right one” for him. What should I do?


Hmm awwww that’s sweet honestly keep talking to him and wait for him to come to you.


I guess, but I’m sometimes awkward… shyly scratches neck


:joy: don’t we all around a crush.


I want to spill tea but idk what :thinking:


Well. I think I do like him. I have too many crushes…


I feel sista