Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


In the past year. First one was a girl, I actually fell for her…


I have cold tea to spill because it’s a month old :cry:

I mean it's still tea, right?

So my friend let me join his discord server and I did! I joined their voice chat, too and they noticed a new person joined. So they were like “who’s this? is she a girl? are they myfriend’s friend? How did they join?” etc etc. And one girl was NOT having it. I could hear fakeness in her VOICE and she was trying to get the guys’ attention by trying to change the topic. (It was obvious as hell.) I had a weird feeling from her, but like whatever u know? I don’t care. xd

Anyways my friend had another group chat and asked them if I could join. And the same girl got PISSED. I was sent screenshots of her saying “nO. >:((((” So he hit her up and asked “Why are u mad?” and she’s like “She JuSt sEems reAlLy bITchY.”



Girl SAME! Some of these boys are so cute but out of my league. However, one of them is just too under my league :no_mouth:


:joy::joy: Oof… I never have as much tea as some of y’all


True. I’m having trouble finding the right one for me…


Damnnnnnn that’s terrible! She honestly sounds not good at all


I may have found a good guy :smirk:


For me or you? :sweat_smile:


Me but girllllll I can find someone for you if ya want :smirk::joy:


You can try. I get pretty picky :joy:


:joy: I don’t blame you honestly




That moment when you wanna tell your friend about you’re possible crush but you’re scared.




So what’s the tea


I think I have a hugeeeeee like for real hugeeeeee crush on this dude at my school and he says the sweetest things but ya see my best friend use to like him, thankfully not anymore, but still I feel badddd and I’m just like ughhhhhh I wanna tell her and it’s been a while and I’m like ugh!


Is it the guy that you talked about last time. Like the black dress thing


Yeah :heart_eyes:


And he said something else today and I’m like hddisjskwgwoswksmvx



Omg! Just talk to your friend about it!