Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


Of course!


Love the new pfp :heart:


Thanks my friend @jassie12dw made it for me.


oooh tea. :coffee:

I just love how all dem white ass people in my class think it’s conpletely okay to use the ‘n’ word in reference to people.

It’s fantastic.


Oof girl idek why that’s honestly starting to become a thing. Please me and my best friend barley even say it yet they say it so cooly like it doesn’t mean anything.

Thank you for this hot tea


I just made a Ton more questions


I’ll check it out!


I’m white but I get it


same girl same I like never say it yet all of a sudden all of these not-black people popping outta nowhere and saying it so casually.

I cannot understand.


Same I would give them the most dumbest look and my best friend would look them up and down like for real…who gave y’all permission and the right to say that?!


Anyone have tea?


Ahhhh…I have some tea :sob:




Ayeeeeee spill the tea hon!


Cough I got a lot off my chest even more.

So…I’ve known this dude for almost half a year. After this month it will be half a year. Me and him have been through some crazy shit together. Everyday we’ve been talking. Now and then. Dated for a little. Little like short timing. We’ve became friends again and again. So much crazy stuff that I even know him from the back of my hand. When he’s mad, sad. He even knows when I’m sad or mad. Bro…now I just feel like everything should just be in the trash. After being friends for almost half a year. He’s been my #1 Now since he has a GF and everything we rarely talk anymore. Like every reply. He’ll reply to my text message like 21 minutes or 30 minutes after I’ve text’d him. It’s just very stressing and sometimes I feel like I just want to scream in my pillow as if I was never alive.
It just gets me mad and annoyed that you’ve known me and you know how I am when someone doesn’t reply back. Is just crazy asf. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Awwwww I’m sorry about that it honestly sounds like y’all were so dang close and with his new gal pal it’s kinda like not. But girl you have to try talking to him I’m positive it’ll help y’all.


I guess I can share my tea with y’all

Tea time!!!

Okay so today in culinary right me and my bestie was making us burgers because we didn’t want to make donuts. And like my crush walked past and was like dang I’d love some, and I just found out he left us donuts on our desk and I was like yayyyy! Okay so I was like:” Here you can have mine I was gonna get one from lunch anyways.” And he was like:” awww no way I want you to.” And I was like:” no here!” So I made him it and he was like:” awwww thanks Jordin. Now I wanna get you something.” And I was like:” psh you don’t have to awko laugh” so he was like:” no I’m getting you rap snacks.” Bedisgsksbaksjs







So I try hard not to freak out and I’m like thank you thank you thank you and he laughed and said sure.

Then he just now realized we live next to each other and I was joking around that I’ll stalk him…and he was like…” do it.” And I was like :heart_eyes: the one guy that didn’t run away then I was like:” psh fine!” Then we were laughing and we were slapping each other cheeks (not hard just a light tap and our like face cheeks :sweat_smile:) but we were just laughing and I was like ohhhhh your hands are soft! And he was like “ thanks” and just let me run my hands on his hands and I felt so much electricity :heart_eyes:


Didn’t I just read this :thinking:


More then likely I decided to share on my show/thread.


I’m always trying but it gets weirder than ever. :joy:
Honey, you got on big crush that surely is sweet.
I ship it! :heart: