Choco’s Tea Spilling Show 🍵


Really? Hmmmm maybe just maybe you can try some more maybe call or like hangout that’s so strange.

Also thankkkkk you I’m telling y’all! If this boy gets me rap snacks I’m hugging him and flipping out a window


Oof stab


Stab like your cap depends on it!






Heyyooooo who has the tea




I have so much tea about everything :rofl:


As soon as I see this thread, the first thing I think is Dr. Phil.




So much tea is spilt on Dr. Phil. When you think the tea is gone, there’s more.




Yasssssss honey!


guys who’s a fulltime ethma supporter like me?:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::+1:



"Dr Phil time, Dr Phil time!" , Pewdiepie

omg did you see the episode where this black girl said she wasn’t african/american because she didn’t have a “big” nose so of course that means i’m white , she thought XD


Also i have tea to spill!

So i’m on pc rn instead of mobile so for a few straight minutes i thought i couldn’t reply to anyone because i didn’t see the reply arrow next to the heart (thats how its set for me on mobile) so i was just panicking and having a heart attack because my blind ass didn’t see the word “reply” in caps :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::joy::joy:


spits tea out

I’m weak! :rofl: that actually happened to me as well for a moment.


Yes. I’m like what the -

I was just shocked. shooketh


That’s great shooketh


Okay so I was gonna spill it in another thread but this seems more of the right place (lemme just tag that person here @NelidaU)

So the reason why I appear to be soo nice , nicer than frosting :sweat_smile: is because of the lack of love I was receiving in my childhood …

Yeah, okay okay I know I should be grateful for living in a flat instead of the streets and grateful for food but I always felt alone in my “home”

The only person who gave me enough affection was my father but my parents split up when I was 3 … 3! And I also saw them having tons of arguments before I even joined nursery .

So then that went away and I was just left there … Alone . It’s the main reason why I have depression and just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you’re living in a billion pound (dollar) mansion with three lambos in your living room , you can still get depression,anxiety etc.

So that’s why I spam my victims with love, not to Kill them with kindness but just to comfort them every fighting day of their lives .

And I know… It doesn’t bring back the dead , it doesn’t cure you immediately but it can you give you a feeling to be there and sometimes it’s noice to see that pink heart appear on your post :heartpulse::heart::heartpulse: