Chocolate Mama’s Bakery& Rap Snacks 😏


Hello, Welcome to my bakery!!!

Some of you may have heard of my interesting cakes :smirk: well I’m happy to inform you that here’s the bakery!!! I hope y’all enjoy all the sweet treats and non sweet that I have here. As y’all know I’m not a regular baker I like to add certain secret ingredients to my cakes :joy:. But please welcome you can order

cakes,cupcakes,screaming cookies,happy brownies, etc.

New news!!! I also sell rap snacks now!!! Hdihdiwjw YASSSSSSSSSS THEY’RE GOOD FOR ALL KINDS!!!

Y’all can have it all here in my bakery :grin: you can order from me or my apprentice (@Daisy_Flower1), or you can ask my darling daughter who will be taking over if I ever pass on (@24aya)

So welcome and enjoy!!! Here’s a free screaming cookie for clicking :smirk:

The Velvet Cake aka @Days

Days decided to help my child in baking her brother. Once I found out I was highly upset, but Days decided that she will except being baked by me for her actions. Her last request was to be a velvet cake so here is my special cake made of her.

Chocolate @annamariez cake

Another special cake of mine is this one made from my dang niece, @annamariez . Now I usually don’t bake family, but she went over the line with me and now she’s a cake.

@ken.gray rolls

Bro I mean what more do I have to say I’ve talked to @ken.gray for a while and knew this boy was bakeable so yes mama ‘bout to bake some rolls hon. Like yassssss.

@BellamyEpisode brownies

I decided to bake this hunk of guy because…why not baking people are fun and people wanted to see if my rolls or brownies were hotter so I guess we’ll see eh. :smirk: but thank you again hon for participating I hope you taste great. I say this as I push him in my oven.

Might I say @BellamyEpisode you sure are chocolate…mama loves chocolate :wink:

@NattyGomez cupcakes

@NattyGomez didn’t understand the joys of baking, and was upset and tried to kill me for baking her guy friend. So here she is as a cupcake.

@Sushi_lol pie

I realized I didn’t have any pie, and my sister in law @Sushi_lol seemed like the perfect pie to make. I still think I’m a great sister in law and hey…I’m being friendly? Nahhh I’m cruel

Star Cookies

Sorry @goldstar you were switched with silver star but no worries being baked is fun…somewhat.


For STEALING me and @k.w.episode’s son I decided to bake you :joy: psh joint custody I carried him for…two days! He’s the prince of chocolate kingdom and none! Of my kids get adopted!
Here you are @mistyhearts

Nothing like the smell of fresh humans in the morning

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Yay. The Bakery!!


:joy: just now decided to make one.


This is amazing haha


:joy: thank you!


I can hear the screams of children as we speak.


Ahhhhhh that’s what I was going for.




I AM WHEEZING :joy::joy::joy:

Body unclear


:joy: you’re wizzing in this cake now


:joy::joy::joy: that would be a sight to behold, a wheezing red velvet cake


Still yummy tho :grin:


I want to know, is this bakery in Wakanda?


:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: there is always a positive, I am delicious af


It’s everywhere hon :grin:


Psh for eating my son?! :expressionless:


Ohh no that is a negative! I feel bad for helping - if only I knew velvet cake sniffles


Psh well I baked you so I’m good now




Ask for cakes :upside_down_face: