Chocolate Mama’s Bakery& Rap Snacks 😏


Hello, Welcome to my bakery!!!

Some of you may have heard of my interesting cakes :smirk: well I’m happy to inform you that here’s the bakery!!! I hope y’all enjoy all the sweet treats and non sweet that I have here. As y’all know I’m not a regular baker I like to add certain secret ingredients to my cakes :joy:. But please welcome you can order

cakes,cupcakes,screaming cookies,happy brownies, etc.

New news!!! I also sell rap snacks now!!! Hdihdiwjw YASSSSSSSSSS THEY’RE GOOD FOR ALL KINDS!!!

Y’all can have it all here in my bakery :grin: you can order from me or my apprentice (@Daisy_Flower1), or you can ask my darling daughter who will be taking over if I ever pass on (@24aya)

So welcome and enjoy!!! Here’s a free screaming cookie for clicking :smirk:

The Velvet Cake aka @Days

Days decided to help my child in baking her brother. Once I found out I was highly upset, but Days decided that she will except being baked by me for her actions. Her last request was to be a velvet cake so here is my special cake made of her.
@Juann rolls

Bro I mean what more do I have to say I’ve talked to @Juann for a while and knew this boy was bakeable so yes mama ‘bout to bake some rolls hon. Like yassssss.

@NattyGomez cupcakes

@NattyGomez didn’t understand the joys of baking, and was upset and tried to kill me for baking her guy friend. So here she is as a cupcake.

@BadassSaasha pie

I realized I didn’t have any pie, and my sister in law @BadassSaasha seemed like the perfect pie to make. I still think I’m a great sister in law and hey…I’m being friendly? Nahhh I’m cruel

Star Cookies

Sorry @goldstar you were switched with silver star but no worries being baked is fun…somewhat.


For STEALING me and @k.w.episode’s son I decided to bake you :joy: psh joint custody I carried him for…two days! He’s the prince of chocolate kingdom and none! Of my kids get adopted!
Here you are @mistyhearts


This here is my good friend Andy he personally asked me to make him into brownies so…TADAAAAA it’s not like one of my happy brownies he’s my adam brownie!

He’s also stuffed with oreos because that’s what I think of when I speak with him. Here you go @AndyJr18
Kaycee Ice cream cake

Because why not who doesn’t like frozen and baked! It’s two in one! Thanks @Kaycee_Rose

I’m in a weird Oreo phase :joy:
Liam Cake!

Requested from my rap snack bestie @Mimi0829

Rap snack bestie Mimi

I’m so sorry my rap snack bestie! You’re a great friend and your best friend Liam! Changed the deal!

Nothing like the smell of fresh humans in the morning


Yay. The Bakery!!

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:joy: just now decided to make one.

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:joy: thank you!

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I can hear the screams of children as we speak.

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Ahhhhhh that’s what I was going for.

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I AM WHEEZING :joy::joy::joy:

Body unclear

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:joy: you’re wizzing in this cake now

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:joy::joy::joy: that would be a sight to behold, a wheezing red velvet cake

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Still yummy tho :grin:

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I want to know, is this bakery in Wakanda?


:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: there is always a positive, I am delicious af

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It’s everywhere hon :grin:

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Psh for eating my son?! :expressionless:

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Ohh no that is a negative! I feel bad for helping - if only I knew velvet cake sniffles

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Psh well I baked you so I’m good now




Ask for cakes :upside_down_face:

Totally , goto mama bakery