Chocolate Mama’s Matchmaking Showwwww


Hellooooooooo Everybodyyyyyy

I’m your host Chocolate Mama and imma try to match up these lucky contestants just tell me if you need a special someone and we’ll be here to make that happen. My first person here is the amazinggggg @Thequeen1000 here’s some stuff about her My name’s May, I’m Canadian, I’m 17… I love food :sob::sob::heart_eyes: soo much. Ummm :thinking: I love books and art and cookies :joy: I’m a nice person I think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now this sweet girl here also swings both ways so ladies and gentlemen come.on.downnnnnnn


Lmao :joy: :joy: :joy:
I sound like a new car :joy:


Bro right when I heard this I was thinking about a car for some odd reason :joy:


I’m magic :no_mouth:

OH MY GOD :astonished:


@MadisonW she needs someone :upside_down_face:


Well well well come on down @MadisonW come to Chocolate’s matchmaking show!


hiya :wink:


Hi :grin:


nice to meet ya :laughing:


Nice to meet you as well :sweat_smile:


what’s up


Nothin much. You?


:wine_glass::popcorn::eyes: cronch


Fudge nuggets


Binge watching Grey Anatomy like a dork :joy:


This is the new show of the century, I can feel it. :laughing:


Hello my pal are you looking for a nice forum match?


:joy: thanks girl!


Nah but Teah keeps trying to set me up with people


Awwwww okay well thank you for your time.