Choice code help error

sound police_siren
LOGAN (talk_accuse_angry)
MALI (talk_afraid)
What is going on??
LOGAN (idle_food_hand_angry_loop)
Take my hand
MALI choice “holdhands_give_stop_rear” {

    } "idle_handcuffed_angry_loop" {
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Uhh I’m not too good with choice error but I think I know the error.
Why is there your character name and the animation name where you should put the choice?

If you want it to be like this
You can try it

“hold hands” {
@MALI is holdhands_give_stop_rear
“And the other choice” {
and the script

And the script continues here


It must be something like that
Can you have a ss of your coding and send it.

its solved thank you

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No worries dear
And welcome to the community

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