[CHOICE CONDITION] Can we mix gains and character points for choice conditions?

Everything is in the title :slight_smile:

I tried doing so, but it doesn’t seem to work or maybe I coded it wrong, so any help would be appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@secrets.epi yes you can mix gains and choice

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Thank you! Do you know if logical operators (AND, OR) work as well?

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you’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: yes it post too is it like choice point or author gains or gains for choice

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@AnnC come here please and help

I wanted to use AND and OR to be bale to mix, so something like if (outfit1 AND MC>1). But it’s fine, I’ll try and see if it works!

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Idk if AND/OR works like that … but if that doesn’t work, you can first write the if statement with flag and then within the if block, use the character points thing – it’ll work in the same way as AND.


Thanks, I’ll try that :relaxed:


Yes, just like the AND snippet you’d use to connect two commands, you can use it in the parenthesis after if and elif.
I believe you have to add and in between the two conditions for it to work. Something like:

if (flag AND choice is “choice name as written”) {

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I had to find a way around to do what I wanted to do :sweat_smile: but thank you, I will keep that in mind!

you can pm me this part of your script and i think i would be able to help you

Hey does anyone know if you can use AND to use 2 different remembered choices in an if/else? Like:

if (choice_one is “Option 2” AND choice_two is “Option 5”)

i think you can use them separetly, for example if chose outfit one
gain 1 :

if (1) {

goto school }

label school

if (mc >1) {
and write the rest

You can definitely do it if you use gains. I did that for an ice cream parlor script I had. So, I would have something like this:

“Peanut” if ( [NOT nut_allergy] and US_flavor and fruit_no) {
#Whatever animations or dialog you want to add if this is the player’s final choice.

So, that checks for 3 different gains before displaying the option.

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