Choice Cut Scene Error

I need some help for some reason when I made my choice option I tried to make my a scene where the person is talking then you see the other characters reaction a second later. But instead there is a small gap in between the scene any way I to fix this?

Lines 749 and 750

Try changing the cut and zoom commands to &

It could be because of your overlay commands. If you don’t have “in 0” at the ends of the shifts, scales, and opacity commands, they take a second to do those commands

I’m confuse on what you mean by that can you use my script to show what you mean?

@overlay NAME opacity 0 in 0
@overlay NAME shifts to xxx in 0
@overlay NAME scales to x x in 0

Add “in 0” at the ends of the scales, shifts, and opacity commands for the overlays.

Okay thank you

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