Choice error, can someone help me?

Can someone please help me? I have an error in my choice that it does not have a closing sign but I do have the sign and don’t know what’s wrong. I hope someone can help me soon otherwise I can’t continue with my story… :pensive:
I added photos

You might miss out a sign somewhere in your code. Or you might accidentally include an opening sign somewhere.
Probably just add in another closing sign will do.
You can try: }}

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Hi, In line 340, there’s a peiod (.) before the bracket. You should try to erase the period to solve the error :blush:

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What is the bracket on line 339 belonging to? Also what’s above these lines? Or maybe that’s the issue is that that bracket belongs to line 340. :woman_shrugging:t3: I can’t tell without seeing the rest.

And there’s a c on 366 right before the name ABBY, not sure if you’ll end up having an error for that.

Thank you very much the error is gone!

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thank you for helping

Thanks ! it is solved !

No problem! :yay: