Choice error,help please!

I’m not sure what’s wrong here, did I perhaps misplacw the dialogue?

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You’d have to either delete line 360, or add some more dialogue just before the choice. :+1: A choice has to be immediately after a line of dialogue, nothing in between.

Pro tip: If you want to “not” have a box of dialogue above a choice, just the buttons of a choice, make a line of dialogue that just says something like “placeholder” and set the size of the speech bubble to 0%. :+1:

ok thank you, I’ve got it now!

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Nevermind lol. Can you introduce me to labels?


What is line 369 for? Is it supposed to be another choice option? Or a dialogue?

If I’m understanding correctly what you’re trying to do , I would do this;

Escape or be patient?

“Try to escape” {
goto the_escape_plot
} “Fall asleep in the cell” {
goto sleep

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