Choice error need help

Hi please someone help I’m trying to add choice but it’s not working

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Can you show a screen shot of what you’re doing?

There are also things on the episode guides to help with choices.

But basically it’s:

“Choice 1” {
@Character is dance
} “Choice 2” {
@Character is sing

I hope that helps some :see_no_evil:


Thanks but that’s the same thing I’m doing

the second { needs to go on the next line. try that maybe?

also you have to put the choice happenings after the choice.

So it’s like: choice 1: what happens
choice 2: what happens

oops I meant the } needs to go on the second line

I really don’t understand


It should be:

“Choice 1” {
The actions that happen if the reader picks choice 1
} “Choice 2” {
The actions that happen if the reader picks choice 2

@Sydney_H might be able to explain it better. Or one of the other mods

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This the exact thing I did but it’s still not working

in the screenshot you show it doesn’t look like it tbh.

Ok thanks

No I changed it

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Oh. okay.

Can I see the new screenshot then?

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okay after the “check what dia is up to” thing you have to put what happens if the reader clicks that.

you can’t just list off the choices and then have nothing happen if they click it

There are things in the choice I just shortened it

can you show a screenshot of how you’re putting the choice options then