Choice error Scream or don't listen

Hello i really need help with a script choice because it keeps on saying unexpected expression: did you leave out the word “choice”, or forget put a character in ALL CAPS?, can somebody help me please

Can you pose the script?


I can’t see what’s behind the parse error but the start shpuld look like this

choice (Scream)
“Scream” {

    EMMA (deepbreath)
(Just scream dammit.)

Where it has the parse error it’s suppose to say GEMS:5

okay so it should be this:
choice (Scream)
GEMS:5 “Scream” {

    EMMA (deepbreath)
(Just scream dammit.)

make sure the <> is around the gems, its working in my script

Okay so apart from the Gems :gem: is anything else different

the rest looks okay to me

Okay thanks

Excuse me, sorry to bother but i checked it and the Gems is right,

Do you have dialogue or narration before the choice? It’ll help us if there’s not a parser error in the way and we can see more. :sweat_smile:


Your choice has to follow dialogue. Not overlays.

So you’d need something like:

What’s happening?!



the problem is you need some kind of dialogue before the choice, can be narration or a characters dialogue

so i’m not aloud sounds

you’re not allowed them before a choice. Choices have to be followed by narration or dialogue.

you’re allowed sound, you just need some kind of dialogue before you type choice