Choice error..?

Hey. So I got an error saying “There is a { on line 53 that does not having a matching }” I’ve checked and used both brackets. Did I miss something or?

This is where the error shows up
label dressing_game1
JAXON (think)
(Who should I ask?)
“Business Woman.” {

@follow JAXON to screen center in zone 2
@JAXON walks to spot 0.592 159 312

JAXON (talk_awkward)
Excuse me, ma’am.
BUSINESS WOMAN (talk_phone_angry_loop)
Look, I don’t care if you have a paper cut on your hand you should–
JAXON (talk_awkward)
Excuse me.
BUSINESS WOMAN (talk_phone_angry_loop)
Hang on a second, a young man is disturbing my peace.
JAXON (disappointed)
(Excuse me?)
JAXON (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
You know what? Nevermind. I don’t tolerate rude people.
@JAXON walks to screen center
gain label dressing_game2
goto label dressing_game2

Change to:
gain dressing_two
goto dressing_game2

Gains cannot have spaces, it must be written all together (ex. HOME) or have a dash at the bottom connecting them like this: place_home

I also checked that and didn’t have spaces either, though. And also added “_” as well.

Update: I also tried what you said and it also still give me an error. :sob:

I think gain and goto together are the problem.
Try to delete that goto and try if that problem is still there.

Gains can go before gotos so long the gain isn’t after the goto since it can’t be gained then lol since the script poofs to a different area in the script :rofl::sparkling_heart:

@AlysaEpisode do you have a label dressing_game2 in your story?
Gotos and labels correspond with each other-if you write a goto without a label for it, you’ll get an error and if you just write a label, with no goto, that’s an error, too.

So label dressing_game1 needs a goto dressing_game1
And label dressing_game2 needs a goto dressing_game2

This means that if you write goto dressing_game1 in your story it will take you to label dressing_game1 in your script.

gotos always lead to a label and these gotos need to have the same name as the label in order for this to occur smoothly

I hope my explanation makes sense and if not, I blame it on caffeine, I’ve had way too much…:sweat_smile:

Yes I had that but i tooken our the dressings game as it said that the dressing game doesn’t be exist (because I only used it Inc do and not twice) it’s working fine now, though.

Am glad to hear that it’s working fine now ^^