Choice errors?!

i cant figure theses stupid choices out please help

choice “cause a scene” {

    BLAKE SUMMERS (talk_angry) 
How could you?!

    JUSTIN (react_mortified)
Wait i can explain

    BLAKE SUMMERS (talk_argue_angry)
Oh so you can explain why you have your tongue down another girls throat?
Dont bother im out of here we are so done!!

} “run and cry” {

(How could this happen?)


This is a simple choice template I found.

“option1” {

}“option2” {

a little tip if you write the word choice it will show you a snippet click on that and it will give you this

choice “option1” {

} “option2” {


if (option 1)
if (option 2)
The scene for option 1 and option 2 would occur here


So for you option 1 would be to not cause a scene and option 2 would be to cause a scene

I tried that :frowning:

What’s your error on the side saying?

Also make sure you have dialogue before a choice.

So have the narrator say or have a character think/say something before the word choice.

Ok I’ll check thank you

Ok sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Feel free to check this out in how to remember past choices: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else) :fallen_leaf:

No ur good thank you

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Ok thank u

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Ok thank you

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You’re welcome

You should add more than 1 choice so make a scene is one choice and run away is another and add labels.

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