Choice flagging error?

choice “Read what happens” {
I make a stand with everything I have, trying to match Tom blow for blow, hoping I knock him out. But he was much stronger than me.
He was putting all his strength and weight behind each punch, and every one connected with my small bump. The pain ripping through me was excruciating but I had to carry on fighting.
I kicked, I screamed, hoping some how someone would hear me to come save me and my baby, but no one came.
It was just me and tom. I wish i could shift, but being pregnant you can’t shift and I’m to weak to do it any way.
Oh the pain ripping through my stomach after every punch. I knew my baby was dying. He was killing our sweet baby.
Then it happened, I could feel blood running down my legs and then my waters broke. I know right then the monster had killed his own child.
Even when my labour stated he still kept punching me to make sure it never took a breath. The pain was all consuming then he hit me in the head and knocked me out and I hit the floor.
And everything went black
“To skip” {
So your skipping }

hi i keep getting error come up i cant work out what wrong places can some help me thank you

You could try putting “NARRATOR (LIAR)” above each place you start a new line so like

Narrator (LIAR)
he was putting all his strength…

Narrator (LIAR)
The pain ripping…

something like that

Thank you it know saying the error is on the second choices

If you could provide a screenshot of your script and the error, it would give us a better chance to help you :slight_smile:

I fix it in the end but can i ask you one more question how do i add a baby overlay to a charter

@add Prop Name to CHARACTER

I’ve try this
@add Baby Swaddle White Blanket to TOM
But it keep coming up as error

What does the error say?
Are you sure the prop name is correctly spelled?

its saying it does not exist were do i go to get the prop names ?

On the right in the writer portal:

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