Choice help. Help me with this error plz

What is the error and why is there an error plz help me out

You must put the choice right after the dialogue with no space before.

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Where? I’ll place the choice word after “reply by saying” is that what u mean

I had some thing on mind but errors on MY need is leshell nice me you

 "Choice 1" {
 Enter choice
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How you start your of

Do you mean how I’ve started coding?

Yes the code

I be have hard time some time

Oh thank you so much, it’s done. :blush::blush:

Well I kept trying until I understood how to do it. When I first tried to write a story I was something like “What’s with these Chinese :sweat_smile:”. My advice is to keep trying and never give up. Plus you can ask anything on the forum and search on the Guides.

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I am keep try do I add any to it

Do u do art scenes or do u know who can?

Let me search.



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Where did u find her/him, in a thread or somewhere else. Tell me where so I can search

Try to search for art scenes, there you can find an artist too.

Ok thanks, do u have Instagram, if u do so can U tell me, I will follow u.

Yes, I’ve just made one. girl.1_episode