Choice inside of a choice?

The beatdown and the roommate.

There is no other story called the beatdown so it should be easy to find. I have to go through and do some editing lol.

Can you let me know if it freezes for you because that was an issue I was having a while ago for some readers

if you have tappable - it might freaze becuse of them (thay do not work for all phones)

What is a tappable?

tappable overlays…

Oh. I have overlays, but the reader can’t interact with them. That’s super cool though, didn’t know they had that.

yeah but it is glitching a lot…I had several readers stuck because of it so I had to put skipping choice for it. But its really coo for many things…I want to use it for making tappable menu in m next story.

I’m wondering why mine would be freezing then. It even does it while I’m editing sometimes. It’s super annoying lol

if it freez while editing its probably just slow PC…I have 2 and one is reather slow and it sometimes evendo not loades the preview and makes odd stuff…while the other dont make any of this problems.

Where exactly (what chapter) got your readers stuck?

I had some tell me the first and others the third. So I’m not sure if it’s something I did or not. I. Getting ready to go through and re edit because I’ve learned more directing since then

Yep I got stuck in 1 …after she walks away with “gray shirt” I see the 4 guys standig next to the lockers and notohing happens.

I wonder what’s causing it :persevere: I’m going to have to go back and see if I put a pause or something, if not I’ll have to write into support

Well one guy was using

@pause for 10000000000

to stop the preview in some place to make some changes and forgot to delete it… can it be something like this?

It’s possible. I’ll have to look. I don’t remember using a pause in this story at all. Let me check real quick lol

if you do not find the problem copy here this part of the script -I can give it a look. :wink:

I’m not seeing a pause, one sec pasting now.

Hey you gray shirt

@COOPER faces left

    COOPER (talk_startled)
Are you talking to me

@AIDEN starts flirt_shy AND ZAYNE is flirt_shy

@ZAYNE starts idle_awkward AND ARCHER is yawn_bored

@COOPER starts idle_awkward

@JORDAN starts flirt_wink

No the locker behind you
Yes you

@COOPER starts idle_awkward

Can you show me where the principals office is

    COOPER (talk_flirt)
Anything for a beautiful lady

@DAHLIA faces right

    DAHLIA (eyeroll)

    DAHLIA (talk_preen)
Can we go now

    COOPER (talk_sheepish)
Uh yeah sure

@COOPER starts deepbreath AND COOPER faces right

    COOPER (talk_neutral)
Follow me

@COOPER walks to spot 0.504 241 280 in zone 2 in 3 AND COOPER exits right AND DAHLIA exits right

@ARCHER walks to spot 0.508 197 278 in zone 2 in 2

I think this might cause the problem

you let COOPER in the same time walk to the spot in zone 2 and exiting him - which are actually 2 different “walk to spot” commands

Ill see if it fixes it one sec