Choice inside of a Choice

Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place or if there’s another post already like this but I couldn’t find anything online and needed help. Like the title says I put a choice inside of another choice, but when in the episode it lists the “confess” and “protest” as replies to the first question instead of only if the player selects a certain one. If that makes any sense. haha. Here’s a couple screenshots to help…


I might have fixed the confess and protest part now, but in this picture also you can see the error is on the chemistry option, saying it’s an expected character or scene change though it’s not and I’m not sure how to fix it. I can’t check if I fixed the confess and protest options now… Thanks for any help!

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Try pressing enter in between the } and “I lied”

I still got the same error… Thanks for your suggestion though :slight_smile:

Maybe @Dara.Amarie can help

Delete line 568. The next choice option should be on the same line as the bracket or on the very next line. Don’t skip a whole line between the two.

Omg what a simple fix- and it got rid of the error. Unfortunately, the choices are messed up again. The first choice should have 3 options, Precalculus, Chemistry, or “I lied!”.

If the player picks Precalc, Ren will remember Jace isnt in Precalc and be suspicious, in which case the next choice is to either confess or protest (saying you do in fact have precalc).

If the player picks Chemistry, Ren will just say okay and the story moves on.

If the player picks “I lied!” Jace opens up to her mom and tells her the truth.

Instead, the only option for the first choice is precalc and then the choices there are protest, confess, chemistry, or i lied…


"Precalculus" {

“Confess” {

} “Protest” {


} “Chemistry” {

} “I lied!” {


Yay! It worked! Thank you soooo much!! @Dara.Amarie