Choice Issue with gain

Try this. If it doesnt work let me know and I will see whats wrong. :slight_smile:

Trying it now

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I will stay here in case something is wrong. :slight_smile:

It works thanks again

Anytime. :slight_smile:
If you ever need help feel free to pm me. :slight_smile:

Will do :grin:

Just to let you know for future references, the reason you are getting that error is because of your gain names:

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Thanks I’ll keep that in mind. :blush:

hi im new to writing my own story and i keep getting errors when trying to place a charactor on screen and making choices…
this is one error for the choices.

{choice “looking good” {{See another one.
@BROOKLYN think_loop
(Shall i wear this or something else.

it keeps saying ;unexpected eror did you forget to make a choice without a line od dialouge before it.

what am i doing wrong.

This is how to do it.
@BROOKLYN changes into BROOKLYN_default
“Looking good” {
} “See another one” {
@BROOKLYN starts think_loop

everything else has worked but keeps saying choices must follow dialoge immediatly not a branch next to the word choice.

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You need dialogue before a choice : )
Have the narrator say something or have a character say/think something before a choice.

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Thanks @Unique_911 :wink:

You’re very helpful too <3

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No u.

We are both helpful :smile: :sunglasses: :sparkling_heart:

Fist bump (NOT a face punch) to all the amazing work that you do :facepunch: :wink:

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still not working. x

it says there needs to be a dialouge following a choice not branch and i have a dialougge following after so dont understand it also it says there is an error when entering a charactor on the screen.