Choice issues and errors

How come when I make a choice of a new text message and there’s only one choice, there is an error that says’ Choices must follow dialog immediately, not a branch’?
Please help me, thank you :slight_smile:

Can I see the coding?

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And I added another bracket underneath, it’s just not visible.

It needs to be:

readerMessage Buzz Buzz
What do you think of this dress?
It looks so nice on you!
You need to put the readerMessage before the dialog.

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Oh ok! I’ll check it and make the changes! Thank you :two_hearts:

You’re welcome!:grin:

Also, I have another problem, it won’t continue after the choice.

What do you mean by that?


after the bracket underneath what Kassidy says, nothing else plays.

Is there another choice under it?


I’m sorry, but can you send me the script for after what she says?

Yeah, sorry I just read what you replied…

Is there an error message? If yes can you show me/tell me what it says?

No there is no error message, just when I preview it, it won’t move forward in the script

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Try labeling it, after the dialogue inside the brackets put:

goto story_continue

After brackets:

label story_continue

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So put goto story_continues right after the brackets or right after Kassidy speaks?

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Right after Kassidy speaks :slight_smile:

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