Choice issues and errors


And the label goes after the closing bracket.


It still won’t work :frowning:
I even turned on track script and it won’t move after Kassidy speaks


I know others asked to preview your script,but would you mind showing me the whole page? Might be something previous or after that’s preventing script movement :slight_smile:


if you want me to go higher, please feel free to let me know :slight_smile:


For the texts, maybe try NARRATOR (KASSIDY) and same for ALESSANDRA?

Also side note, you don’t need to use zooms or spots if you just want to show the texts! You can just have a simple message dialogue with the phone screen and the NAR bubbles! :heartbeat:

Maybe if all else fails, you could give the simple one a try? :grin:


Oh ok :slight_smile:


I will give that a try


Let me know how it goes! Also, if you need a template, I’ve got one :heartbeat:


Now it is saying that I misspelled ALESSANDRA’s name wrong, and I even tried again. Should I reload the portal?


There’s a space between the last A and the ), just delete the space and you should be good to go! :heartbeat:


Ohhh, I see what the problem was… I think it was just because there was something wrong with my current webpage so I just reloaded it…and it worked. :sweat_smile:


That’s great!! :grin::heartbeat: I’m glad the problem got solved!


Thank you so much for helping me solve this, even though there really wasn’t anything wrong at all…I really appreciate it! :smiley:


No problem boo!! :heartbeat::heartbeat:


Also, do you know how to have the character stand in screen center without having to walk there?


Yup!! You just gotta do this:

@CHAR stands screen center


&CHAR stands screen center

Use the & before the change in scene if you want the CHAR to be standing there already!!


&CHAR stands screen center


What would @CHAR do?


The CHAR would just pop into the scene :slight_smile: