Choice not working?

I have a choice to either follow the character Indigo or head to school but when I play the story out in create and choose to head to school for some reason it goes to the follow Indigo choice? The script I used in the first was just the regular if ___ thing then I put the } else {? should I be adding the tag to go to school? I don’t know if any of this made sense but help if you can!

Could you send a picture of your error? So I could try to help.

theres alot of script in between the choices but it looks about like this without the script in between:

“Follow Indigo” {

gain follow_indigo

} “Head to School” {

gain go_to_school

if (follow_indigo) {

bunchesss of script 

} else {

more script


it looks like that, it doesn’t say I have a script error but when I play the story it only lets me go to one choice.

Did you try to restart the story progress?

the if is wrong it has to look like this

Something word

choice (something_something)
“the first choice” {

“second choice” {


if (something_something is “the first choice”) {

else {


a couple times

I’ll try that, thanks

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Such choice stays for only the current episode and the next one, if gain is used the choices could be remembered to every episode ahead.

no it dosent. you can use it in any episode

Then what’s the difference between gains and your example?

dont quote me on this because I am not sure

but with gains if you use labels and go back you still have it, and you dont with choices because you have to pick a new (or the same ) choice

also gainst can be givin at any time where as a choice has to depends on what choice you made. you dont need to add a gain to a choice some people do though because they find it more easy than to do what I do

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Okay, thank you

She’s using flags/gains so her if/else is correct. You can use either the method you provided or flags. There isn’t only 1 way to remember choices.

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Make sure you’re either resetting your story progress or toggling between your flags.

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can we just talk about how no one has mentioned she made an _ instead of a space that is properly why it did not work

Her flag name is follow_indigo so that’s what needs to be inside the parentheses for the if/else.

uh yeah your right. had not even seen that. I dont use gains myself. which kinda is why I only look at the choice

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