Choice outcome keeps repeating

Ok so I had a three options to choose from in a choice in episode 4 that has a gain on each one and now I typed out the if/elif/else but the else outcome copies the second one and doesn’t play out the actual outcome of my last choice what do I do I’ve been trying everything that was suggested to me.

can you show your code?

your script looks ok, did you reset your story progress before testing?

I didn’t

before testing different outcomes you need to reset your story progress or “ungain” flags by clicking on Story Modifiers and Flags (the gold flags means that they are gained, just click on it to ungain)

Ok I’ll try that

Ok so check the flags one was gold and one was missing so I reset the story and the outcome finally played out but when I checked the flag and the one I’m having issues with is still missing

Did else part work tho?


There’s no issue then :slight_smile: if it’s working everything is alright! It will work for readers don’t worry :wink:

That was my only remaining concern so thank you for the help I’ve been trying to fix it all day :dizzy_face:

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Solved and closed. :smiley: