Choice outfits labeling

Okay, I’m always getting mad over this when it shows a warning! Whenever I try making outfits and when we first start we have to do ex: label choice_outfits1 it never works it always shows in my script box as a warning “The label choice_outfits1” is never used!!!
I’m so confused can someone help me please!
Heres a picture
whoever sees this please just reply. thank you.

Ugh, that happens to me a lot, but usually the label will turn italic.

Maybe @Scarlet_Sapphire or @JemU776 can help

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hmmmmm it really annoys me

Have you made a goto , if not thatvis what is wrong, its says its never used which means you have not made a goto label

i have that at the end

Maybe you wrote it wrong? It happened to me yesterday.

Did you manage to figure it out? If not, may you post your code, thanks.

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