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Okay, so I think I have it from reading tutorials and watching them…but, I want to double check a couple things to make sure I am getting this right before I get too far in my second chapter.

In the first chapter there are choice branches like follows:

SERIOUS - leads to choice of BACK or CHANCE
NO - leads to choice of UP or DOWN.
NOT - leads only to a scene.

The second chapter branches when a specific character comes to speak with you. Who that character is depends on the choices you made previously. SO, if I am understanding the tutorials correctly, my coding will have a few things like this:

if SERIOUS is BACK {Scene with person 1}
elif SERIOUS is CHANCE {Scene with person 2}
elif NO is UP {Scene with person 3}
elif NO is DOWN {Scene with person 4}
else NOT {Scene with person 5}

Is this correct? OR should I use a gain/flag? And secondly, to make sure I remember if the reader chose male or female as their MC I need only have like this at the beginning:

if MALE {Male version}
else FEMALE {Female version}

Is this correct?

And FINALLY, the game will remember ALL love interest and MC customization automatically, correct?

Thanks for all help.

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Hmmm I am not too sure @Dara.Amarie could probably help make sure

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