Choice/updo hair template error!

@HUMANBEAUTY changes hair into

Try that? o.o

Okay that worked what about this

There’s a hair called “Short High Ponytail” not “Short Ponytail”
And after Double Dutch Braids, you spelt the label wrong

There is now it’s new release …What about the label that says it doesn’t exit but you see in picture it does

It’s short messy pony tail I left so words out okay I’ll see if that fixes it

Oh okay, if you meant Short Messy Pony Tail, then yes, it’s in the portal

Change hair_sytles_Up to hair_styles_Up under Double Dutch Braids

Okay I got everything fixed a lot of hairstyles had word left out that’s for pointing that out

Oh okay!

Closed: Marked as solved by op @Laylay2 :v: