Choice Within A Choice (Help)

Erase that, it goes next to choice



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Thank you. It’s working <3

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Hi so I’m kinda having another problem :sweat_smile:

Yes, ofc ask away :yay:

So since its a mini game I made the choices timed, and usually with timed choices if the reader doesn’t pick a choice in time episode automatically chooses the last option of the choice. I forgot to make the wrong choice the last choice so I switched it and now it’s giving me another error :sweat_smile:

You can make any choice the wrong choice, doesn’t need to be the last one.

These screenshots are from this guide:

If you’re still stuck, do share a screenshot of your code :blob_sun:

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Thank you! I will try this

For this one its giving me an error

Don’t think you can use comma for that. Just replace it with a period.

I mean Rose is going home… I need help going back to the Art Room. I don’t remember where it was.

Hi how do I make multiple choices? Like how people have a q&a where you can click on a choice and go back to view the others

Dara actually has a template for that if you’d like to have a look? (:

TYSMM!! You’re so nice :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!