Choices affect story line

So I have this idea for a story line that will happen later in my story but you know when you get something in your head you got to go with it.

I have 4 singles that my MC has to pick which one to date, however I want to include in my story if she had chosen the other 3 what would it have been like.

So how do I put that in the script, like going back and forth without it looking like she is going date after date because it is only up to the reader which one she goes on a date with.

Do I put in a choice for looking at dates or is there another way?

Well, you can put all 3 other dates in the script. For example if she is dreaming. Then she imagines what it would have looked like if she chose the others. You can, for example, put a filter over it, to give it a different atmosphere.

What if readers are choosing different dates, how do they see their date with that person?

What do you mean exactly? A kind of future vision?

It’s ok I had someone solve it for me. Thank you for help though.

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy please close this post.

Solved and closed as per Op request