Choices AND Branching HELP | Resolved!



Hey, I need help with choices.
I have a past choice where I let the reader pick what they want to order.
Now I want what they picked to be an overlay on the table based on their choice.

Here’s the code. :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:
This is the past choice

choice (donut_cookie)
“Donut Pink Sprinkle”{
I’ll have a Donut Pink Sprinkle and a coffee.
“Donut Chocolate Caramel”{
I’ll have a Donut Chocolate Caramel and a coffee.
“Chocolate Chip Cookie”{
I’ll have a Chocolate chip cookie and a coffee.

This is what I want to happen later in the story based on that choice.

if (donut_cookie is “Donut Pink Sprinkle”){
@overlay DONUT SPRINKLE create
@overlay 5470130695045120_DONUT SPRINKLE shifts to 119 71
@overlay 5470130695045120_DONUT SPRINKLE scales to 0.244 0.244
@overlay DONUT SPRINKLE opacity 1 in 0

} elif (donut_cookie is “Donut Chocolate Caramel”){
@overlay DONUT CARAMEL create
@overlay DONUT CARAMEL shifts to 119 71
@overlay DONUT CARAMEL scales to 0.244 0.244
@overlay DONUT CARAMEL opacity 1 in 0

} else (donut_cookie is “Chocolate Chip Cookie”){
@overlay CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE shifts to 119 71
@overlay CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE scales to 0.244 0.244
@overlay CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE opacity 1 in 0


Glancing at your code, else should be by itself. So, it’s:

} else {

Leave out the other part.


Thank you so much. I’d probably still be stuck if it weren’t for you. :joy::smile::heart: